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West Hendersonville/Horse Shoe
Facials                  $75.00    60 minutes
AgeReversing facials help turn back time.  This facial is most beneficial for the post menopause client when the skin needs support with hydration, lipids (oil), antioxidants, collagen and elastin as well as exfoliating peels that rejuvenate, brighten, and stimulate the skin. (See Add-on Treatments for additional charges.)
Anti-Aging facials help prevent further signs of aging and reverse visible signs of aging. This facial is most beneficial for the 40-50 year old client with focus on exfoliating peels that prepare the skin for products that nourish and support healthy skin functioning.  (See Add-on Treatments for additional charges)

Hyperpigmentation  is defined by the appearance of dark spots, freckles, scarring, or uneven skin tone.  Treatment choices use ingredients that fade dark spot pigmentation.
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Calming facials help reduce inflammation and irritation.  This facial is most beneficial for the client with sensitive and rosacea prone skin with a focus on balancing, healing, moisturizing, and calming along with a gentle exfoliating peel.
Clearing facials focus on the healing, purification, and balancing of skin prone to blemishes or congestion.  This facial is most beneficial for the teen client when an overproduction of sebum (oil) occurs during hormonal changes.  
Hormone Balancing & Age-Defying
Hormone Balancing & Age-Defying facials use phytoestrogens to reduce breakouts &  free radicals, improve tone, firmness, and hydration.  This facial is most beneficial for the hormonal acne found usually along the jaw line in teens and the 30-40 age group.
Customized facials are for the client that has a combination of skin conditions that are addressed. (Facial costs will vary for each client.)
Add-on Treatments
Facial Serums/Boosters                                    
Arctic Berry Peel                                                  
Additional Peels                                                       
Medi-Cupping Therapy                                             
Skin Classic Treatment                                      
Extensive Extractions                                         
Eye Treatment (exfoliation & masque)          
Paraffin Hand Treatment                                   
Stone Therapy                                                          
Acupressure Facial                                               
​Brow Tinting                                                          
Waxing Services
Facials include: -Cleansing, Skin Analysis, Double Exfoliation,  Extractions, Treatment/Masque, Moisturizer, Eye Cream,  SPF Protection
-Modified Reflexology foot treatment w/warm towels 
-Decollette, neck, scalp manipulation  to enhance circulation and relaxation
-Facial Acupressure Point Balancing
Brow Re-shaping                                                
Brow Clean-up                                                    
Upper Lip                                                                
Lower Lip/Chin                                                      
Full Face                                                                  
Under Arm                                                               
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Therapeutic European Back Treatment                60 minutes      $65
Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, treatment masque, & moisturizer with steamy hot towels, Medi-Cupping treatment, modified Reflexology foot treatment, and back, neck, & scalp manipulations for relaxation.
Express Facial                 30 minutes  $55
The Express facial is for the individual that prefers the face treatment only. Treatment includes cleansing, double exfoliation, no extractions, serum,  treatment/masque, moisturizer, SPF
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24 hour notice is requested to change or cancel an appointment otherwise a fee may be charged.
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